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About Qwibbs

1 %
of us receive unwanted gifts
£ 1
(average) spent on each disliked gift
£ 1 b
Wasted on gifts in 2020
At Qwibbs, we take the guesswork out of gifting by assisting you in finding presents that everyone will love.
With a Qwibbs page, it’s easy to inform loved ones of your gift preferences and allow loved ones to contribute seamlessly. You will also be reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the barrage of unwanted gifts that are unused or thrown away every year. With the easy postcode search, you can also support local businesses. 
Searching for practical gifts for the ones you love? Look no further!
No more holding on to receipts, just in case. Join our mailing list to be part of a revolutionary new way to gift.
The future of gifting is here!

Be the change! According to surveys, 50.77% of us received unwanted gifts in 2020, with an average of £41.70 being spent on each disliked present.

That amounts to a massive £5.3 billion going down the drain! The average car buyer in the UK purchased 22 cards in 2019, translating to 16 cards per capita. Overall, some 875m cards were purchased in 2019 alone!

This produces 227,000 miles of paper that get thrown away each year. Around 1 billion Christmas cards are also put in the bin each year. That’s 300,000 tonnes of card packaging, which is enough to cover London's Big Ben almost 260,000 times.

At Qwibbs, we are determined to be a part of the change. With a Qwibbs page, unwanted presents can be a thing of the past! After all, the best presents are the ones you've chosen!

Every e-card purchased from your page means that you will not only be contributing to saving the environment, but you will also be contributing to your loved ones selected gift.

Change the way you gift

Gift a service, rather than gifting a product, or join together with friends and family to contribute towards a practical gift with Qwibbs. Buy, sell and gift using your own unique Qwibbs page.


Easily request any services you need directly from your Qwibbs page. Upload pictures and a description of the service you are looking for, and local providers will respond with an accurate fixed quote. Choose your selected bidder, and pay in full or list as a gift on your Qwibbs page.

Qwibbs Wallet

Ensure your payments are secure by using your Qwibbs wallet. Buy, sell and gift from your wallet on your Qwibbs page. Top-up your Qwibbs wallet or withdraw your funds at any time into your bank account.

Meet the idea

Watch this short, interactive video to learn more about Qwibbs and how it can work for you today. Qwibbs is great for customers looking for gifting ideas and businesses who want to secure more work and expand their business. 

Quality services

Choose a new way to gift. Gift a service or a product. Work together with loved ones to achieve more with Qwibbs. Utilize our reliable, robust platform to find the perfect product or service in any area.

Customer satisfaction

We take pride in ensuring great customer satisfaction. Qwibbs has been designed to make gifting more rewarding for everyone. With easy-to-use functionality - including a unique reliable rating system, its also super easy to support local providers.

Special Occasions & Events

Getting married, having a baby shower, a christening or planning some other special occasion? Make it easy for family and friends by setting up a gift list on your Qwibbs page, listing just what you’d like or need!

Allow Guests to contribute in part or fully towards your selection, making your guests feel a real part of the experience – with the fully interactive process. 

Businesses & Service Providers

Promote your business for free today. Want your business to be seen by thousands of potential customers? Trust Qwibbs. We’re looking for services in every postcode – from the practical to the unique. join now to discover what Qwibbs can do for you.

Perfect for any business

Our platform is easy to use, friendly and perfect for any sized business looking to provide a quality service for customers.

Your own Qwibbs page

Through your Qwibbs page, you can reach customers searching for services in your area and your ratings versus pricing will be a guide for their choices.

Boost your sales

Increase your sales by using our platform, a perfect way to find more customers looking for a reliable, quality service from local service providers.


Companies that consistently deliver a good service should not be restricted by their advertising budgets. Qwibbs takes the hard work out of marketing, providing you with a free self managed page. Customers can easily search for the products and services they require from your page, From the main search box

E Cards

Friends or family can purchase a Qwibbs E Card for you, perfect for any special occasion. Qwibbs E-cards contribute towards saving the environment and can increase the balance on your Qwibbs page. E-cards are another way for friends and family to contribute towards your desired gift.

Take the stress out of gifting

Set up a direct debit into your Qwibbs wallet and make budgeting for those special gifting occasions for your family and friends much easier and far less stressful.



Log into Qwibbs

Log into your Qwibbs account and verify yourself via email, or social media in under a minute. 

Set up a Business Qwibbs page

Complete the Business form on your Qwibbs page and include a profile picture. Set  the area you cover. List your qualifications, certifications pictures of previous work, references, a bio and experience. Set your page to accept bidding or not. 

List your services

List the various services/products you provide on your page, and set your prices. Include pictures, reviews, references and any relevant information.

Find customers looking for quotes

Find potential customers looking for quotes for services they need and bid for work.

Build your reputation on Qwibbs

Build your reputation on Qwibbs and enjoy increased leads and free marketing. Join a growing community of people who want to shop local and find a variety of products or services from reputable businesses. 

Break into a new market of gifting!

Log into Qwibbs

Log into your Qwibbs account and verify yourself via email or social media in under a minute.

Set up your Qwibbs page

Set up your Qwibbs page by adding key dates of yourself and your friends and family. Find loved ones on Qwibbs and link your pages, and choose the privacy set up for each member.

Upload services/products

Find your products or services you like on Qwibbs. Upload it on your own Qwibbs page. Choose to buy outright or get it gifted to you.  

Share your Qwibbs page

Record a message via video or type a message to your loved ones. (or choose from our list of pre recorded messages).  Inform your loved ones of your gift preference , and let them know how they can be part of the gifting experience. Now share your Qwibbs page to friends and family. 

Enjoy your service

 Now enjoy the benefits of gifting, buying, selling, networking, and biding using you own Qwibbs page. 

Experience the joy of giving/receiving the perfect gift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Qwibbs is a social-networking-gifting platform that allows customers to gift a service to loved ones, select from the thousands of quality providers using our platform or add a gift to your Qwibbs page so friends and family can raise Qwibbs towards your gift.

Sign up and promote your services on our website for free. Customers will choose your service if they want to gift a service to a friend or loved one. Businesses need to set up there own unique page to promote their business, location, availability. An email will notify you that your service has been purchased.

Select from a wide range of trusted services and gift a service to a friend or family member. Share your Qwibbs wallet to raise your Qwibbs on social media or purchase a gift outright. Take advantage of the easy functionality that allows you to respond to gifters to express your appreciation for their contributions/gift.

It’s a reliable, robust platform that allows both businesses and customers to use it quickly and easily, use Qwibbs to gift a service to a friend or find reliable work quickly.

It’s free, you don’t have to pay to use Qwibbs.

You can only move Qwibbs from one gift to another equal to any amount you have personally topped up if any.
You can not move Qwibbs that others have gifted to a specific gift they selected to gift.
Each contribution is a gift that has been given for a specified purpose.
Any changes will mean the gift is no longer for what it was originally intended by the gifters.
Qwibbs is a a great way to raise funds for a specific service or product you need or want. Its important to remember that any contribution received towards that gift is no doubt appreciated.
If you have not reached your desired Qwibbs target, we will assist you by sending notifications to see if you would accept the services of similar providers or services that are within the Qwibbs amount you have reached.
You may also consider moving the selected due date deadline. So friends and family can see that its still something they can contribute towards on other special dates you have selected in your diary.
Qwibbs platform is a powerful search engine designed to draw out services you have selected from your page. Once you have setup a Qwibbs page all products and services can be sold as long as it’s compliant with Qwibbs regulations.
Once you receive all your Qwibbs, you will be able to claim your pre-selected gift.
You will receive a gift voucher that you can claim through the service provider.
We will also notify the service provider of your purchase. 
The service provider will contact you and arrange a convenient date and time.
You can also easily respond to friends and family for there generous contributions through your Qwibbs page.
Once the work has been completed or the product received you will have 3 days to confirm your happy and leave any reviews if you wish. If after 3 days has lapsed without communication, We will automatically release payment to the service provider.
Once you have selected the gift you want for yourself or for someone else,
You can determine how much you want to contribute to the gift.
Initially you will see the amount for the gift in your own currency, you will also see the equivalent amount in Qwibbs.
Once you have confirmed that gift you will only see the value displayed in Qwibbs
Including those to whom the Qwibbs gift page is forwarded onto
Each Qwibb is approximately 5 times the currency value of the pound, and is only the digital representation of the currency you are paying in. 
It is important to note Qwibbs is not a crypto currency.
It will not increase or decrease in value! 
If your not selecting an outright payment on the directory, then a Qwibbs wallet can be created.
The Qwibbs wallet can be automatically used when gifting or buying a service that may require extra time.
Such as a painter needing extra time to complete a room. 
If you have given permission during purchasing for flexible payments, your wallet will be used up to the pre-selected amount you have chosen or been gifted. 
You and your family or friends can easily Top up your qwibbs wallet at any time. 
Qwibbs are automatically converted back upon recipient of a service, or refund is issued. 
Qwibbs is also universally calculated, so regardless of the country your in Qwibbs makes it easier for friends and Family no matter where they live around the world. 
Once you have reached your target of Qwibbs for a gift. 
We will send you a gift voucher to claim your gift

Let's gift together


we respect your privacy